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There are countless quotes, affirmations, and self-help books aimed at guiding individuals towards the perfect job, as defined by someone else. There are also plenty of resources designed to help people determine which field they should be in, based on variables that other people determined should matter. While these tools may be somewhat helpful to some, career choice, and career transition, are personal and unique – it’s all about YOU. Let’s face it, we all spend plenty of time in work mode, and often, still more time thinking about our careers, so shouldn’t our work reflect who we truly are at our best?  

Becoming Our True Selves

Throughout our adult lives, we are influenced by many variables or events – our values and beliefs become more clearly defined; we become our true selves. A job, or even career choice, that felt just right, at one time, might start to be uncomfortable. Workplace variables that were acceptable at some point, suddenly become deal breakers. Maybe your role, or organization, changed, and it no longer fits you. In today’s dynamic and agile environments, change is the only constant. Even schedules, expectations, or corporate culture can influence our evolutionary process of becoming increasingly frustrated, stuck or dissatisfied.  But now what? 

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Never Settle

Many people just settle for another role, a new title, or perhaps a different organization. I describe this practice as similar to the whack-a-mole mindset, instead of moving intentionally, conscientiously, and boldly, towards the solution – it’s exhausting. Not surprisingly, this temporary fix will expire, and the not-so-merry-go-round will start all over again. You can go it alone, try another quick fix, or you can choose to hit the PAUSE button, and chart a different course. Isn’t it time you pursued your purpose with passion and on purpose?

Explore YOU

Together we will utilize a formulaic approach to explore your strengths, values, preferences, requirements, skills, challenges, and beliefs, often exposing blind spots, hidden talents, latent passion or areas for growth, change and redevelopment. We will utilize several different techniques and assessment instruments to gather data and develop informed perspectives. After this initial period of self-discovery, information gathering and awareness raising, we will create a personalized career exploration development plan. This dynamic blueprint will essentially chart your objectives, goals, and desired outcomes to the various actions required, or indicated, to lead to fulfilling and rewarding career reinvention. You will survey, explore, and research professional development and career alternatives through a different lens; this will not feel like any traditional job search.  

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Who You Get To Be

It’s not about what you do, as much as it is about who you get to be as a by-product. Learn how to be that person with purpose…on purpose. 

Work to become, not to acquire. 
-Elbert Hubbard


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