If nothing changes,
nothing changes.
Let’s change that.

Change is misunderstood. Surveys indicate that many people believe change is uncomfortable, challenging, and often difficult.  This is usually only true when we don’t understand how change will impact us personally, we are not prepared, or we cannot comprehend the why behind the what. Our attitude towards change is quite different when we recognize the potential benefits, understand the value, and appreciate the proposed outcome. In fact, in this context, people are motivated and energized by change.  Your informed awareness, willingness and perspective change the game.

When you realize what got you here, won’t get you there, it’s time to embrace change. If there’s a gap between where you are and where you’d rather be, it’s time to navigate change. Like it or not, change is the only constant, it’s the pathway forward – let’s grow.

Aligning with a competent coach produces favorable outcomes, when you’re willing to do the work, and change. Coaching provides the insight and support to move you forward, to accelerate development, and to achieve your goals – with purpose… on purpose.



Getting to know YOU.

We will explore you from different angles and design a blueprint that outlines where we want to go.  What we learn will influence and inform our strategy. The work we do here will provide both the foundation and framework for everything that follows, and has a direct correlation to your readiness, willingness, and commitment to the process.


Get into action.

Leveraging what we’ve learned during Phase One, we plug into your life, and begin to execute. Now, we have a clear, informed lens, and we make correlations and connect the dots. This is where we will do most of the work. The dynamic deliverable here will be an Individual Development Plan, or IDP, which outlines your path to goal attainment, and what needs to happen for sustainable change to occur.


Are we there yet?

An opportunity to reflect, gather feedback, and recalibrate. We will identify reflection points, measure progress, and possibly collect input from others to better understand your impact and how you show up. We then develop a sustainability strategy and go-forward plan.  At this juncture, we may conclude our coaching engagement, or redefine what the next goal will encompass – the choice is always yours.

Similar to the three-legged stool metaphor, coaching success relies equally on all three components, each providing stability, purpose and balance.

It is never too late to be what you might have been. -George Eliot

Live your life with purpose… on purpose.

Let's Get to Know You

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